How Family Vacations Affect Kids and Best Family Accommodation in Apollo Bay

Parents are always trying to find new ways to make their children happy and keep them busy and entertained. For some, it comes down to buying the newest electronic gadgets or the latest and greatest toys. While this might make them happy at the moment, experts are beginning to think that foregoing the most popular toys and booking a family vacation instead may be the best thing for your children. Read below to find out why vacations may be so great for kids, and where to find the best family accommodation in Apollo Bay.

What a Family Vacation Can Do for Your Children

A family vacation doesn’t have to be at a five-star resort or the best international destination you can find. There doesn’t need to be amusement parks or expensive accommodation. Quality time can be found by just spending time together away from the distractions that work, school, and extracurricular and social activities involve.

Traveling with your children can be good for brain development. It turns out that spending time in a pool together, relaxing in family accommodation in Apollo Bay, roasting hot dogs over a campfire, digging your feet deep in the sand as water rushes over them, and touching leaves rustling in the wind are all simple activities that enrich a child’s environment. These activities provide social, cognitive, physical, and sensory interaction that stimulate your child’s brain and improve stress regulation, concentration, attention, and the ability to learn.

Creating happy memories can give your child something to draw from when they’re going through tough times later in life. These memories are called happiness anchors and are a powerful tool that can get people through the roughest of times. So, load up the car and head out for the weekend in Apollo Bay. Give your children plenty of happiness anchors to fall back on.

Family vacations will create greater social awareness in your kids. Sometimes it’s as easy as going to the next town over for your child to see a different way of living. When children are exposed to different lifestyles, cultures, and societies, they gain a greater understanding of how people communicate and socialise. A well-rounded child performs better in school and will more easily form lasting relationships.

Think about what getting away for a few days does for your emotional and psychological state. It’s no different for a child. Sometimes adults forget they’re not the only ones with stress. Children need time away in places such as Apollo Bay just like adults do, and having a respite for a short period can help them recharge.

Find the Best Family Accommodation in Apollo Bay

Whether it’s a weekend trip or an extended getaway, Captains at the Bay is the perfect place for a family getaway. Offering bed and breakfast service accompanied by excellent customer service give us an edge on the competition. We have stunning views of Apollo Bay or the Otway Ranges and are within walking distance of the beach and shopping. Book your Apollo Bay family accommodation now and give your family time to recharge and create lasting memories.

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