Places to Stay in Apollo Bay Where You Can Relax

More and more people are waiving vacations and extended stays away from home. Whether that’s due to companies offering less vacation time or employees just not being able to afford time off, the result is the same. People are overworking themselves and wearing out. Unfortunately, many people don’t realise that a vacation is more than just playtime. Getting away for a few days is good for your health. Continue reading to find out the benefits of a holiday and where to stay in Apollo Bay once you decide to take that vacation you've been putting off finally.


Benefits of Regular Vacations

Getting away for a short stay in places such as Apollo Bay helps you recharge. The demands of a full-time job can wreak havoc on our sleep cycles and our mental state. It can be particularly challenging to make time for that vacation if you think the office is going to fall apart without you there. That’s an unhealthy way of thinking. Believing you can’t take time off means, you wear yourself out. In addition, you’re not allowing others at the company to grow. It’s okay to step away for a few days and go where you can recharge your batteries, and then go back to being in charge. You’ll be happier, and your co-workers will thank you.

Studies show that taking breaks from what you’re doing increases your productivity in the long run. These short diversions make it easier to focus for longer periods. Also, taking a break can help employees be more creative. Longer breaks contribute to reducing stress which also makes a person’s productivity increase. When productivity is better at work, there’s less stress on everyone, and less stress means overall improvement in mental and physical health. Who knew getting away in Apollo Bay could improve office morale?

Taking a vacation can set a good example for others in the office, especially if you’re a member of management. Sometimes employees are afraid of not looking dedicated to their job if they take time off. Seeing someone in upper management go on vacation can reinforce that it’s okay to get away and get your mind off the job for a little while. Happier more relaxed employees mean more comfortable work environment.


Taking a vacation with your family members can help increase family bonds. Going places with those you love creates common ground. You’re sharing experiences that you’ll remember forever. You’re in it together, and it gives you time to learn something new about each other.

Finally, experiencing something new can boost your creativity. When we visit places we’ve never been, we are experiencing life in a new way. New stimuli such as smells, tastes, and faces can unlock our creative sides by increasing our playfulness.


Where to Stay in Apollo Bay

If you’re searching for places to stay in Apollo Bay, you don’t need to look any further than Captains at the Bay. Our bed and breakfasts offer a touch of luxury that helps you unwind. We are within walking distance to the beach and shopping, and everyone knows the ideal accommodation in Apollo Bay are places to stay close to the beach. Give us a call today and book your vacation now.

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